We will explain you how to create the ultimate alfresco dining experience in your own garden or patio. Brits typically spend about 4.5 hours a week in our gardens, and 43% of that time is spent dining and 60% of it is relaxing. So it figures in today’s hectic, time-precious lifestyles we should be squeezing the maximum value out of our gardens and outdoor spaces. Eating and drinking outside is one of the joys of owning a garden, so here’s a few expert tips for how to make the best of it.

Creating Your Outdoor Dining Room

White furnishings instantly open up any space, so it’s a good option if you have a small outdoor space. But remember light colours don’t always weather well, so choose materials that are easy to clean.
Outdoor dining doesn’t have to mean formal, sitting at a traditional dining table. Dining sofa sets are becoming increasingly popular for eating and then relaxing afterwards all in the same place!
When considering where to put your dining area (if you have a choice), think about the practicalities of carrying things, nipping to and fro back to the kitchen to get things, how near or far away do you need to be from the house?
If you have a view, or a particularly nice aspect of the garden, position your dining area to make the most of it for guests to enjoy. Consider also planting fragrant plants like lavender, honeysuckle and old English roses that come into their own in the warm night air.

To prolong the atmosphere and make the most of your garden at night, think about lighting and heating. There are lots of options today that have replaced the traditional bulky patio heater and subtle ambient lighting, particularly hidden amongst plants, creates a wonderful atmosphere – especially when combined with candles and lanterns.


Out door garden design - before


outdoor garden design after

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