#WarehouseWednesday: What’s in our Warehouse this week?

It’s that time of the week again where we have a look what’s in our warehouse waiting for a new home. This week we were really happy to take delivery of this gorgeous brown, comfy sofa – but we really need more like this as couches, settees and sofas are top of our most wanted list!

tables upcycled

Although most of the furniture donated to us is made available in our warehouse in its original good-quality state, we have also been up-cycling some coffee tables and side tables – so referred clients (who like shabby-chic style) can select something a little bit special too. They are displayed for clients to see  in the warehouse – along with (non-upcycled) bookshelves, tables and chairs and bedroom items.

What we need this week:

BEDS and SOFAS are at the top of our ‘in need of’ list this week – so if you’re thinking of changing your decor or have one you’d love to go to a very good home, please do get in touch  – we’d be ever so grateful.

shelvesIf you have any other good-quality furniture items you’d like to donate,  check out our free collections info. Did you know we also take soft furnishings such as cushions, curtains, pictures and other decorative items which can really help turn a house or flat into a home.

tableMore from The Furniture Station this week:

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