Want to make a difference in your community?

There are resettled families needing support TODAY. They don’t have a bed to sleep on or a dining table to eat from. YOU can make a positive difference & support your neighbours.

Let’s make that difference together.

We support those going into accommodation from homelessness, families fleeing domestic abuse; young lone parents entering their first home with their infant. We support people often entering their new accommodation and undergoing crisis or encountering financial hardship. We support local residents in Stockport & surrounding area who need basic furniture items.

It’s often difficult to secure the basics for your home when experiencing distress and struggling financially.

We work with local support agencies who work with vulnerable people going into accommodation. We work on a referral basis and are able to supply basic households items for a small cost or at no cost at all if they can be provided with a voucher with their referral. A good-quality re-usable single mattress can be delivered to someone’s home for just £10 including delivery ; that mattress can allow a child to have a good night’s sleep.

Can you help?

Our warehouse stock is getting low- and there are families who really need our help. At the moment we are in real need of beds, mattresses and wardrobes – so if you are planning to re-style your home – please bear us in mind. (Items must be of good quality, with no holes, rips or stains).

Please call us. 0161 456 0717. Donate your unwanted, good-quality items of furniture.

#DonateFurniture #SupportPeople #RestoreHope