Upcycling woodwork – a Brighter Finish

 The Furniture Station  have launched a volunteer led project dedicated to chalk painting & waxing furniture items.

In order to maximize appeal above just serving their function, our workshop volunteers  are coating various woodwork items in chalk paint as we continue to seek new ways to enhance customer experience.

Nested tables, before chalk paint
Nested tables, before chalk paint

The paint used is non toxic and can be applied to any surface without preparation. This means we can up-cycle various items of furniture that we collect, from small coffee tables to large chest of draws and wardrobes. The paint comes in many different colours and can be finished in many different ways. The soft wax finish can better enable protection & durability in addition to achieving a ‘shabby chic’ finish.


after chalk paint and soft wax
Nest of tables, after chalk paint and soft wax

This new up-cycling project allows further items to be re-used, cutting down on items going to landfill and giving the furniture a brighter  finish.  This will not only significantly help us work with more space but is a way of enhancing our client’s experience.