A new computer for the volunteer office – Thanks to Crofton’s Solicitors & The Stoller Trust

Crofton’s Solicitors & The Stoller Trust have once again generously supported our work by financing our much needed new computer for our volunteers who will use it daily in order to ‘check’ our clients in & commence their visit to the warehouse for essential furniture items.

Installed by local firm TTS, the new computer will allow us to work a little more faster in processing referrals, with an updated operating system and software, which makes a huge difference to running on software that is 15 years old!

new comp shutterstock_146949359


Joanne, Fundraiser said ” Crofton’s Solicitors have been an ongoing supporter of the Furniture Station and our work and we a very grateful to receive such support. It was incredible to hear that The Soller Trust were also offering their support which made the purchase fully funded and prevented our much needed reserves from being utilized at a critical time for us – we are very delighted.”

The Furniture Station continues to assist around 1,000 families living in Stockport by providing essential, re-used furniture & household goods to homes that are referred to us from organisations within the area such as SMBC, housing associations, Social Services, and local charities.

The Furniture Station’s next step is to gain funding towards updating the Referral System, originally designed in 2009 to refer clients to the service online, but now urgently needs replacing so that activities can continue for 2015. If you would like to help support the Furniture Station with support towards the new system please email joanne@furniturestation.org.uk.

Thanks for allowing us to once again carry on our activities for 2015!