Collect your Stockport Express tokens!

The Furniture Station has been short-listed to receive an award from The Vernon Building Society’s Jubilee Fund. Now it is down to you – the general public to help us secure some of this award so that we can continue to help those most in need!

Jubilee Fund logoHow, do you say?

The Furniture Station will be featured in the Stockport Express every Wednesday from 13th August – 3rd September 2014. All you need to do to help us secure a bit of the £10,000 award is collect as many tokens as you can and drop them into our offices (see our address) or drop them into the Vernon Building Society branch,  BEFORE 4pm on Wednesday 17th September.

Even the slightest chunk oP3HOMESMALLf the £10,000 award will significantly help us in our work to assist Stockport residents to maintain their homes and prevent homelessness.

It has been an incredibly difficult, challenging year on the fundraising side of things as we reach our 20th anniversary for 2014. We’ve said goodbye to a few honoured grants that have kindly kept our running costs ongoing for the past few years and have been actively on the search for further support to ensure our services remain. It has been tough, but with your ongoing support – we are getting there!

It costs just £3 in travel costs alone for a delivery of essential furniture to be made to a home in Stockport that may otherwise have no bed, no cooker or no sofa –  basic items many of us may take for granted. Through the provision of good quality, re-usable furniture and electrical items, we are able to help disadvantaged families & individuals living in Stockport to  make a house into a home for a nominal fee.

Start collecting your tokens for The Furniture Station! For further information on the Jubilee Fund in association with Stockport Express, please their website at