And the Winners are……..

The 12 best landscape photographs: Pet’s at Their Best

(In no particular order…)

 Congratulations to the final  photograph contestants above, your 12 images have been selected by three independent judges and have made our charity calendar 2015.

Best Portrait photo

Bella, by Sue Gibbins
Bella, by Sue Gibbins

Congratulations, this portrait photo will be used on the inner introductory page for the calendar with information about The Furniture Station.




Best Two Runners Up

The judges were very impressed with the photographs submitted, the favourite runners up that almost made the cut but have not made the calendar entries are:

Gerald Hallworth - horses, runner up
Horses, by Gerald Hallworth
Pamela Robinson - Tabitha, runner up.
Tabitha, by Pamela Robinson

Thank you to all who participated, there were some incredible images submitted and it was a very fun and exciting competition to put on so that we can produce an incredible ‘Pets at their best’ 2015 charity calendar. Thank you for your participation.

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