Showroom now open at Dunton Tower, Brinnington

Following the Fun Day events at Brinnington on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th April, where Stockport Homes and The Furniture Station teamed up to raise awareness of furniture re-use, providing knowledge to the community of how local residents can access good-quality re-used furniture; the first showroom at Dunton Towers is now open and available to visit.

The showroom which is located at the bottom floor of the tower allows residents, both existing and new who may be in need of such essential household items for their home, to get an idea of the type of good-quality furniture that can be accessed for such minimal fee.






“From just £5 for a single bed, £25 for a full three piece suite, £20 for a wardrobe and £25 for dining table & set of four chairs, we wanted to bring the good-quality re-used items that we regularly collect from donors directly to the towers, and put on display the range of  essentials which may be needed for existing and new residents in order for them to furnish their home.” Alan Gunnion, Project Manager

The showroom will be available throughout the year, and be publicly open for visitors on Wednesdays from 10am-11am, where a housing officer will be available to answer any questions regarding a referral to use the services provided by the Furniture Station.

The Furniture Station continues to operate to relieve poverty and distress to people in need living in Stockport through the provision of essential household furniture.  The Tower Power project partnership with Stockport Homes  aims to create more awareness of the service available within Brinnington, encouraging residents to be actively involved in re-use and helping families most in need in maintaining their tenancies.