Another happy ending for families in Stockport

“As a teenage parent who encountered complications at home, Miss S was referred to Stockport Homes to help find a two bedroom house for her and her son. Upon moving into her house an appointment was made to the Furniture Station in order for her to be able to furnish her home.

She purchased a three piece suite, a dining table, and a set of 4 chairs, a new bed, a set of drawers and a hoover for a nominal, affordable cost with delivery.

With all her household items paid for, she could concentrate on other matters and enrolled onto a hairdressing course and found a full time nursery for her son. Since buying her furniture Miss S has felt confident with maintaining her property, has been budgeting well and even saving with the credit union towards her deposit, Miss S’s case has since been closed and relations with her family are better than ever.” 

Resettlement Officer, Stockport Homes.