Furniture Station wins competition for Day Trip

Short-listed and nominated by our very own Facebook fans, System One Travel Cards Greater Manchester provided The Furniture Station’s Volunteer and Staff members  the opportunity to take a day trip out for their work in the local community of Stockport.

Volunteer and staff trip

The Furniture Station’s Volunteers and Staff arranged to take a day trip to Liverpool’s Albert Docks. Travelling by coach,  16 volunteers and 5 staff  attended the trip and all had a brilliant time exploring the docks.

We got a coach at 9am and headed up to the docks for around 10.30. We then explored The Maritime Museum and the limited Titanic 2 floor exhibition; whilst some had coffee and explored the the Beatles Story and various shops within the docks. We then met for a delicious meal at the Pumphouse, followed by a hot beverage. The group further explored the docks; some going to the Museum of Liverpool, others going to Liverpool One, The International Slavery Museum and the Tate. There were so many things to do and explore that there weren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done! The group had a smashing time and ended the day with various flavoured ice creams before we hopped back onto the coach at 4pm.

Our 22 volunteers and 5 members of staff all play a vital role in the operations of The Furniture Stations services. Without our volunteers, who help out in the offices, the workshop and on the vans, the Furniture Station’s operations would cease to exist.  Thank you System One Travel Cards for providing the Furniture Station with this amazing opportunity, we had so much fun in one day through this kind gesture.

The Furniture Station