Sainsbury’s charities of the year 2011/2012

It has almost been a year since Sainsbury’s Hazel Grove chose The Furniture Station charity to work alongside The Wellspring as Sainsbury’s charities of the year 2011/2012. Amongst many local spectators, The Furniture Station joined the Sainsbury race  showing their support at Stockport School  in February, in which Sainsbury’s CEO himself Mr Justin King also ran.

Sainsbury's charities of the year

Photographed from left  is The Wellspring’s Fundraiser Peter Hodskinson, Sainsbury’ CEO Justin King, and Joanne Watson, our Fundraiser here at Furniture Station.



It has been a great year to work with Sainsbury’s and along side The Wellspring. Sainsbury’s have supported continuous fundraising for the Furniture Station with our very appealing (and demanding!) trolley tokens on sale at customer service, bag packing opportunities and collection boxes raising funds at tills.